Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

  • Course Duration 12 months
  • Available Seats 5
  • Course Time full-time
  • Language English
  • Start On Jan / Mar / July
  • Institution Sunway College

MUFY is a pathway that provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate studies at Monash University. Just as Monash is a passport to a fulfilling career and rewarding life, MUFY is the passport to a rich learning experience at Monash. Designed by Monash academics, the MUFY program prepares students for admission into a wide range of Monash University undergraduate degrees.

The MUFY programme is offered on a modular or semester basis. Each subject is divided into two units i.e. Unit 1 and Unit 2. In total, the programme offers twelve subjects in twenty-four units.

A student must pass a minimum of eight different units to complete MUFY successfully. At least six of the eight units must be derived from three subjects i.e. there must be at least three complete subjects. One of the three complete subjects must be English. The remaining two units can be derived from either the same subject or from different subjects.