Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) (Data Analytics)

  • Course Duration 36 months
  • Available Seats 10
  • Course Time Sun_U
  • Language English
  • Start On January / March / August
  • Institution Sunway University

The Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) (Data Analytics) programme focuses on the development of analytical skills in the study of technologies. Harnessing and analysing massive data creates significant value for organisations and it has become the basis for decision-making to achieve greater efficiency while spearheading constant innovation. During their studies, students will solve practical and real-world problems of companies utilising data sets in the presence of analytics experts.

On successful completion of the programme, the graduates will also be awarded with a degree from Lancaster University. The graduates are awarded three certificates: one from Sunway University, one from Lancaster University and a Joint Certificate from SAS Academy. The students will be awarded the SAS Joint Certificate in Big Data with Advanced Techniques in Data Science.

Students will also be taught on Cloudera product and Cloudera curicula are embedded into the syllabus of the programme. On top of that, The Alibaba syllabus, which focuses on digital economy and e-commerce, has been incorporated into this programme. With the Alibaba collaboration, there are more opportunities and platforms that could aspire young entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop their business ideas.