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 IUKL is committed in engineering the future of tomorrow’s leaders. IUKL’s dedication in providing quality education has helped many students in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands-on expertise in becoming respected practitioners in various fields. Guided by the University’s motto “For Knowledge, For Humanity”, IUKL is striving to ensure that each student is thoroughly equipped and empowered to meet future challenges by preparing them holistically today.

Enhanced with up-to-date academic facilities, and tutored by highly qualified lecturers among whom are industry practitioners, IUKL strives to ensure high quality education in areas of Engineering, Business, Communication, Language Studies, Architecture, Biotechnology, Information Technology and many more.

IUKL being the first infrastructure university in Malaysia, which emphasizes the integration of both hard and soft aspects of infrastructure, aspire to produce technopreneurs and skilled manpower with outstanding communication, technological and managerial skills.

The education that IUKL provides is balanced – students will find their mind challenged, their practical skills honed and their social interaction skills enhanced. They as well will be imbued with high moral values to help materialise the Vision 2020 and the K-economy.

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Programs Offered at IUKL


Sports Management

Agricultural Science

Architecture Studies


Built Environment

Business Administration

Engineering and Technology




Information Technology

Language Studies


Quantity Surveying

Real Estate Management

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Why Choose Infrastructure University:

Award Winning

At IUKL, we create an environment of discovery that fosters learning and rewards creativity. Our goal is to bring ideas and inventions to benefit students and society.

Industry Experience

Being in the education industry for more than 20 years, IUKL has been providing quality education and excellent professional services in various fields.


IUKL is among one of the top ranking universities and the only Infrastructure University in Malaysia and we would like to champion ourselves in the area of Infrastructure.


Programmes offered by IUKL are approved by both the Ministry of Education and MQA. IUKL receives professional recognition from various local and international professional bodies – Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM), Land Surveyors Board (LJT), Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), Washington Accord, & CISCO

Credit Transfer Programs

At IUKL, you can start from where you are now and go as far as your dreams, talent and determination will take you. A Foundation may lead to a Diploma and a Diploma may lead to a Degree right here or at institutions around the world.


Our courses are conducted in studios, laboratories and workshops, equipped with the latest technology and equipment to enhance your learning experience.

Some of our services are:

Airport pickup

Once the student confirm the arrival details to International office Team will coordinate the airport pickup and transfer to the Accommodation.


Putting a roof above your head isn’t predicament anymore. IUKL has a variety of accommodations to suit the needs of everyone.


IUKL believes that education should be made available for everyone. Therefore at IUKL, there are various grants and scholarships available. 

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Diploma in Civil Engineering



Foundation in Engineering


International Collaborations